Resiliency Series - Hip

Resilience Breeds Excellence! The best ability for any athlete is availability. You can't get better at BJJ if you're hurt! Our number one focus for any grappling practitioner is to make their body more resilient and harder to injure. BJJ is a sport designed around destroying the structures of your opponent's body, so the more we can "bulletproof" the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, etc., the better! Unfortunately we can't just wave a magic wand and say "Poof! You'll never get hurt, ever!" Injuries are bound to happen eventually for any athlete, and while we can't prevent injuries entirely, we can drastically reduce their risk, their severity, and the time it takes to return to training. Our Resiliency Series aims to do just that, helping to strengthen areas with a prior injury history and/or reduce the likelihood of further harm. We combine all aspects of mobility and strength to provide an integrated approach for areas of the body that take a beating from BJJ. This series will go a long way towards keeping you on the mats and improving your game.