Warm Up Series Vol 3 - Potentiate (Add-On)

A good warm up increases core body temperature, increases heart rate, and primes the neuromuscular system for training stress. This helps reduce the risk of injury and improves performance! Just like for any other aspect of training, there is no single perfect warm up for everyone. Volume 3 of the Warm Up Series is a Potentiation focus. which is a fancy way to say that we are using certain movements to potentiate, or "turn on", the nervous system and recruit muscle fibers more effectively in order to produce more force. Potentiation warm ups are especially effective for explosive or max strength training. You may also perform 3-5 minutes of light aerobic activity (Jumping Jacks, Stationary Bike, Jump Rope, etc.) prior to beginning this warm up to help increase your heart rate and core body temperature.